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Transform your company's Finance Department: creating the treasurer 2.0

The recent financial crises, digital transformation and the importance of data analysis demonstrate the need to transform your company’s finance department and move away from a simple accounting mindset. Indeed, your financial teams are no longer simply in charge of monitoring indicators or meeting regulatory requirements. They are now responsible for treasury management, becoming stakeholders in the financial analysis and decision-making.

In this context, the treasurer’s activity is evolving towards an increasingly cross-functional and dematerialized role. Your processes and tools must therefore also evolve in parallel in order to gain in productivity, reliability and security. A real priority for your company, transforming your Finance Department is an opportunity not to be missed !

Acquire real time strategic vision

The financial turmoil has had numerous consequences:

  • Shorter timeframes for disclosing financial information
  • Increased volatility of financial markets (rates, exchange, commodities)
  • A constantly evolving regulatory framework (EMIR, IFRS 9, IFRS 16)
  • An environment of low rates leading to a review of investment policies and cash flow arbitrage
  • A high level of fraud risk with increasingly frequent and sophisticated attempts
  • Modernization of payment methods (electronic money, telephone payments)

Numerous challenges have then emerged for your finance department : a need for greater visibility of your liquidity, tighter cash management and reliable and effective decision-making tools to improve productivity and security.

It is therefore essential to find a partner who can offer you innovative solutions which guarantee the financial security of your company while controlling the financial risks (liquidity, exchange rate), operational risks (data loss, fraud) and non-compliance risks (SEPA, SOX, OFAC, etc.).

Discover now how the services we offer can help you use your financial data with greater predictability and give your finance department real time strategic vision !