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Improve the performance of your Finance Department

Our aim is to improve the performance of your Finance Department and facilitate the day-to-day work of your teams by optimizing your processes and making them more reliable. Together, we create added value for your company by managing your cash flows more astutely and by limiting financial risks.

We support your digitalization and your transformation with expert advice and innovative solutions. Discover below the full range of our expert services.

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A platform devoted to finance departments: manage your flows with a SaaS model

Transforming a Finance Department requires the implementation of treasury management software. Depending on your requirements and the processes already in place, we recommend the most adapted solution to your needs, implement the solution and set up the necessary infrastructure in SaaS mode. You thereby preserve your operational agility, control your costs thanks to the predictability of the solution and free yourself from all upgrading constraints.

The financial solution offers you numerous benefits:

  • a high-performance cash management and bank communication information system
  • a new organization of the finance function
  • optimized financial processes with automatic links to your ERP systems

Your teams are then able to change approach: moving from checking the accuracy of the figures to their analysis.

CASH MANAGEMENT: optimize your treasury

Having a clear vision of your treasury position is crucial for your company. We can support you in this by implementing intuitive cash management solutions enabling you to visualize in real time the treasury of the head office and your subsidiaries, for all banks.

The solution enables you to:

  • centralize your treasury: visualization of all your cash positions thanks to bank balances and expected cash flows
  • benefit from cash flow forecasts: automated bank reconciliations, analysis of your forecasts
  • manage your banking relationship: monitoring of your intra-group transactions, real-time calculation of interest, monitoring of signing officers

Thanks to our cash management solutions, tedious daily tasks are automated, your forecasts are reliable and you have more time to spend on added-value activities. Of course, you are also fully compliant with current international legislation.

PAYMENTS: secure your payments

Payment fraud has reached record levels. In this context, it is essential to tighten payment control through real time detection of fraud attempts. Executing payments is a critical function of your finance department. Indeed, suboptimal payment management can have an impact on the visibility of your treasury, reduce your operational efficiency and most importantly, increase the risk of fraud. That is why we support you in protecting your payment systems through tighter financial controls. Our solutions cover the following areas:

  • Bank communication protocols: SwiftNet /Ebics/ Host to Host, etc.
  • French and International payment formats
  • Electronic signature
  • Flow security (fraud)
  • Sanctions lists

The solution guarantees the secure execution of payments while reducing the fraud risk.

RISK MANAGEMENT AND FINANCIAL OPERATIONS: build a sustainable treasury function

The globalization of your activities means you need to understand, measure and manage numerous financial risks such as: exchange rate risk, commodity risk or payment fraud risk.

In parallel, tighter regulations mean you need to implement broader financial communication.

Faced with these different risks, our solutions use market data from interbank brokers such as Bloomberg or Icap. You can thereby not only protect yourself against these risks but also monitor them and exploit them.

Our solutions enable you to simulate the impact of different risks on your liquidity, analyze derivatives and hedge accounting and facilitate your regulatory compliance.

Business Intelligence, boost your decision-making

Acquiring efficient tools to ensure your data is accurate, securing your cash flows and certifying your regulatory compliance is no longer enough. It is now essential to understand the environment in which your company is evolving, the challenges inherent to your activity, simply and immediately. This is where we can support you with our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

Thanks to these relevant, automatically updated indicators, we facilitate your strategic decision-making. You can thereby monitor your company’s performance and gain in productivity.

With our BI expertise, drive your competitive advantage !